Health and Safety

Just by the very nature of our industry and the fact that we are flying a craft in airspace, we take H&S very seriously.
So we have a process where we will gain as much information from the client about the flight site prior to film date. This allows us to look into the site conditions and access the hazards so we can work around them.

We also have Civil Aviation Authority guidelines to abide to and so each film site will have to conform to those restrictions.
Our crew are fully qualified to carry out aerial film work, and are fully aware of the risks involved. So when we arrive on site we will access the site looking for any potential hazards and put provisions in place to reduce or eliminate any risks.
We will be responsible for controlling the film site and all people within that area. Unfortunately the landowner or the client will not be responsible for the control of the site.
Once all of the above is in place we can then carry out all of our preflight checks, these include equipment checks and documentation records. It is only then that we will carry out the flight, and it is the pilot who is in over all command of that site and all those within it. If the pilot feels that there is a potential problem he will land the craft safely and assess the problem and put measures in place to make the flight safe to then continue.
After the flight there is some more documents to record and a debrief prior to leaving site.
We will be always looking for ways to improve H&S within our company as we recognize it's importance within the industry.
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