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Common questions asked about DPF Cleaning

What is a DPF and how does it work?

A DPF is an abbreviation for Diesel Particulate Filter. This filter is situated on the exhaust system of most modern diesel engines from around 2005 onwards.

The design of the filter is to catch particulate matter otherwise known as soot produced from the engine to help reduce harmful matter being emitted to our atmosphere. Once the filter has reaches its threshold limit for particulate matter it runs through a process called regeneration, this is controlled and activated by the ECU (engine control unit)

The regeneration process involves the operating temperature of the the DPF to raise to such a point where it “burns off” the particulate matter. The ECU constantly monitors the DPF system but can't always detect any underline issues, this is where we come in.

Why do I need a specialist to diagnose my DPF issue?

Diagnosing why the DPF is blocked correctly is extremely important to prevent the same issue reappearing. You should know that a DPF will not block if the system is in good working order, the DPF in our view, is referred to as the victim of another issue.

Unfortunately many garages are unaware and do not understand how a DPF system operates, this is key to making sure to correct diagnosis is carried out. We fully inspect the system in depth as many aspects can cause a DPF to block.

How much does it cost?

We offer our diagnose and clean for £199 + VAT (Trade discounts available - Prices correct at time of publication)

How do you clean the DPF?

Using our specialist equipment we are able to inject the specialist fluid directly into the DPF (no need to remove) we allow this to soak which breaks down the particulate matter, this is then followed by flushing the DPF through using a second fluid to ensure a clean and healthy DPF.

Once our deep clean is complete we then carry out further diagnostic checks to ensure it was successful and the DPF is operating as normal again.

For more information please visit our Advanced DPF cleaning network website please click on this link.
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